Do you have everything necessary to go for a hike? You should if you have the right gear. Make sure of this first, so you will not be disappointed once the adventure begins. Here is a checklist of things you might want to bring on your trip:

Hiking Boots/Shoes

One great thing about hiking is that almost any footwear can work as long as it’s are comfortable. These days, there are plenty of shoes made for this purpose. Some hikers prefer lace-up footwear, while others like slip-on models. Both kinds perform well enough but consider your own needs before making a final decision.

Trekking Poles

Many hikers swear by these collapsible poles that help you balance and avoid tripping. They also help in moving over rough terrain and may come in handy during rock scrambling and steep ascents and descents. Some find it hard to use them, though, so those who do not want a set can try other approaches.


You may not need this if your journey is already planned out, but if you’re going to be a long way home, it might be a good idea to carry a map just in case something goes wrong and you get lost from your group. Digital maps only work with GPS units or cell phones, so be sure to have one of these in case you need it.


It might not be that cold when you start, but the weather could take a turn for the worse once you are far away from civilization. You may also feel cold because of the rapid wind movements, which is why a jacket or an extra layer will come in handy. Also, if there are portions where stream crossing requires wading, it might be good to bring something waterproof for fear that the wetness might damage your clothes.


This can help orient you when you are lost or someone gets separated from the group by accident. If things go wrong, this might save your life, so do not think twice about bringing one and learning how to use it.

Water and Food

Of course, we cannot forget the most important thing when going out in the wilderness: water and food! Whether you bring your own or eat from natural sources, these two are crucial for survival, so be sure to pack enough of them.

Sun Protection

Apply sunscreen to bare skin, especially during summertime when skin is exposed. Also, wear a hat with at least a 50+ UPF rating or anything that could shade your head from harsh sunlight. Sunglasses are also important if there’s glare on a nearby surface but consider using goggles instead during winter because they cover more area, unlike sunglasses which expose areas around the eyes.

Be prepared for any situation with the right gear. Your safety is your number one concern when you’re out in nature, so be sure to pack some basic supplies that can help you stay safe and have a more enjoyable time on your hike! I hope this article will provide you with an idea of what to bring along while hiking. Happy trails!