Silhouette of hunter

Reasons to Hunt with a Bow

If you are just like me, then you might enjoy spending countless hours in the woods. Some of us also happen to be hunters. For those of us who prefer archery hunting over any other method, here are several different reasons why putting your game on the ground might boil down to using a compound or recurve bow and arrow rather than taking it down with some other type of weapon.

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Male with a gun in hunting period

Why You Should Buy a Hunting Rifle

It is becoming harder to find a place where you can go for a quiet hunt in today’s world. Well, perhaps there are plenty of places, but you will have to drive long distances before shooting a few rounds that won’t disturb anyone. If you’re going that far, you want a rifle that will do the job. Many things separate a good hunting rifle from a bad one. Before we proceed further, let us make sure we know what the term ‘hunting rifle’ denotes:

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Duck hunting blind with hunting dog

How to Make an All-Season Deer Blind

I live in Adirondack Park, and we have a very long, hard winter. Unfortunately, I can’t hunt during deer season (bow) from December to the end of February due to having two small children. That means that usually, by mid-October, I am longing for deer season to start so I can get out in the woods again with my bow. My solution is to make an all-season deer blind and use it while bow hunting, rifle hunting, and trapping.

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A man hunting in the woods

Tips on How to Buy For a New Hunting Spot

Many hunters stick to their favorite hunting spots. They rely on the fact that they know those spots inside out and own them! You indeed need time to learn a site, but if it’s like your home turf, anyone could make the same choices as you and shoot there too. You should challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone and visit new places regularly. If you don’t force yourself out of your routine, other hunters will catch up with you sooner or later.

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