As summer ends, many of us are now thinking about how we can prepare for school. The back-to-school sales are everywhere and your home will soon be overwhelmed with papers (that you can easily control!) As you prepare for school, find some extra helpful tips here.


1) Take some time to read with your kids throughout the summer and it will help prepare them.   Also, reading with your kids during the school year is very productive.


2) Enjoy school shopping with your child and involve them by giving them choices. Our kids love to pick out their own outfits! If they have school uniforms the shopping will be easy.


3) Be ready for early mornings by preparing what you can the night before.  Preparation is key to starting the school day off right for your family!  Mornings become much more stress-free (and less chaotic).


4) Many public schools provide most of what elementary students need but not all of them. They will have a school supply list on the school website or even send one to you before school starts. Be sure your student has a good backpack for books and supplies. If you are planning to homeschool this year, make sure you stock up on supplies. Make sure you have pencils, markers, crayons, highlighters and more on hand!


5) When school gets busy, family time is essential. Spend 10 minutes playing a board game or doing a craft with your children. Nothing beats a family game night!


6) Make sure your anxious children are prepared for school.  You can start your preparation by visiting the school, meeting the teacher, and practicing pick up and drop off.  The first day of school will be a lot easier if your child knows what to expect.


7) Make sure your children have a homework station.  It is important to have a work station where homework can be completed. The dinner table is a good place to work but a wide shelf board and a couple shelf brackets mounted to the wall can be a decorated personal desk for your student.


8) Teachers are always busy during the back-to-school season, so give them a gift as the school year starts.


9) Plan out a week’s worth of clothes for your child.  Prepare every outfit for the week by laying it out or hanging it up on Sunday afternoon.   Hopefully, it will eliminate any “I didn’t want to wear that!” battles… let’s hope so! 


10) Get yourself and your kids prepared for school by starting a school routine ahead of time!


11) Having a special gift for your child on the first day is a great way to make their day.  There’s no need to go all out.  Perhaps you don’t even need anything more than a great book and a pack of fun pencils.


12) If you haven’t already started the tradition, take a picture of your child on the first day of school… with the rest of his or her siblings. It will make for great memories when they graduate from high school.