On Father’s Day, Sunday, June 19th, 2022, we honor and celebrate the contributions our fathers have made to our lives. People give their fathers gifts and cards on this special day. Sports equipment and clothing, electronics, outdoor cooking supplies, and household maintenance tools are common Father’s Day gifts.

Different families have different traditions for Father’s Day since it is a relatively modern holiday. The celebrations can range from a simple phone call or greeting card to large family parties honoring several father figures. A father figure may be a biological father, a stepfather, a father-in-law, a grandfather or great-grandfather, or even another male relative. Schools and Sunday schools prepare handmade Father’s Day cards or small gifts for their students during the weeks leading up to Father’s Day.

Consider throwing a Father’s Day party in a sports bar, speakeasy, studio, gallery, or anywhere you think your dad would like. You can find places with useful amenities, such as kitchens and fireplaces, that will complete your party.

Host brunch instead of breakfast on this lovely Sunday morning to let dad sleep in. Make tables, ample seating, and serve his favorite breakfast items such as fancy toast, egg muffins, bacon or sausage, quiches, doughnut holes, or croissants. You can also opt to create a full-on pancake, omelet, or french toast bar complete with toppings and syrups.

How do you make his special day extra special by letting your dad know he’s the coolest ever? Think about encouraging all the kids (depending on how he rolls) to make him silly or sincere (depending on what he does) superlative awards.

Take him to his favorite local brewery for a beer tasting if he is a beer fan. If you are looking to keep it small, you can host your DIY tasting party at home or a private venue of your choice. Purchasing individual beers from individual bottle shops is also an option.

Consider going on an exciting activity trip with the Father’s Day party ideas for athletic dads. Driving ranges, bowling alleys, batting cages, or your local sports bar are some of our favorites. Since golf courses and bowling alleys usually serve food, the party planning process can be streamlined.

Often, music is more effective than a card in conveying your message. Put together a selection of his favorite tunes to tell him how much you appreciate him. See what he likes by checking out his Spotify or Pandora playlists. Find out what his favorite songs were back then by asking around. The experience of hearing about each song’s memories will be a great way to bond.

Did you ever make your parents coupons as a kid? Last-minute gifts that were thought-provoking, but on a budget. This is another fun Father’s Day party idea that is similar in concept. A “perfect day” itinerary is what your dad would consider a perfect day.

Consider what he enjoys doing. Imagining the day he wouldn’t have to work or do household chores? Ensure that he has no responsibilities other than having fun and relaxing. Make reservations at his favorite restaurants or gather up his favorite foods and beverages. Plan an outdoor adventure, book a class he loves, and create a customized day for him from sunrise to sunset.

You can plan a “comedy night” at a local bar or cafe. After all, this is one of the best Father’s Day party ideas for the king of cringe-worthy dad jokes! Get a microphone and prepare some speeches in advance. The family should toast dad and/or roast him (depending on his personality). It’s like sending a verbal Father’s Day card, only way funnier. When everyone has shared their dad toast/roast, invite the man of the hour to the stage. He will then be able to tell some jokes of his own! You can check out Dean Martin’s celebrity roast on You tube for some ideas.

When summer is just beginning, barbecues are always a good idea! You can also treat your dad to a relaxing backyard BBQ party where he doesn’t have to cook. Make burger or hot dog bars with all of his favorite fixings, or serve up his favorite meat or vegetables on the grill. Put everything he loves to drink in a cooler or bucket, then decorate your yard with lanterns, sports pennants, or flags.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so treat your dad this year with more than just a card and a tie. The holiday season is the perfect time to pause and appreciate those we love. Providing a spotlight and showing we care is more important than ever. Show dad how much you love him by going the extra mile