Here are 30 ideas for fun things to do on the 4th of July.

  1. Bake some patriotic desserts- search the internet for ideas on red, white & blue treats the whole family can help decorate.
  2. Decorate your home. Buy or make decorations. Get crafty with the kids. Display the flag.
  3. Decorate yourself. Dress up in red, white & blue. Get a patriotic mani/pedi. Dress up your dog.
  4. While you’re dressed up, do a family photo shoot.
  5. Have a picnic. Either in a park or in your backyard.
  6. Have a backyard BBQ—grill hot dogs & burgers.
  7. Play backyard games (cornhole, croquet, horseshoes, badminton)
  8. Go camping or go camping in your backyard.
  9. Get active outdoors. Bike ride, kayak, volleyball, baseball, hike.
  10. Make a splash in the pool, have a water balloon fight, or set up the sprinkler.
  11. Have a 4th of July Movie Marathon. Watch Hamilton, Independence Day, Hidden Figures, etc. An internet search will give you plenty of ideas. If you can, have a backyard movie night.
  12. Have a game night. Play board games, card games, or play classics like charades.
  13. Have an eating contest—Hotdogs, pie, watermelon, etc.
  14. Watch a parade.
  15. See the fireworks.
  16. Light up some sparklers.
  17. Do a little shopping. There are always great sales, and you’d be supporting your local economy.
  18. Plan a patriotic road trip. You can visit a national monument or a historical city such as Philadelphia.
  19. Honor those who fight for our freedoms. You can volunteer at a VA Hospital, shop at a veteran’s business, write a letter or send a care package.
  20. Learn some American history trivia, read up on American history, and American Icons.
  21. Set up an ice cream bar.
  22. Make a patriotic music playlist.
  23. Mix up themed cocktails. Beat the heat with boozy slushies or red, white & blue jello shots.
  24. Visit the farmer’s market.
  25. Go berry picking.
  26. Learn to tie-dye.
  27. Spend the day at the lake.
  28. Rent a boat.
  29. Host a block party.
  30. Have a jam session. Break out that guitar or karaoke machine and have a sing-a-long.