Since the dawn of time, man has been obsessed with sports. We are born into bodies specifically designed for running, jumping, and throwing. We have evolved to do these three things better, not just to survive but to thrive!

These extraordinary skills help us achieve everything we want in life, whether in business or politics, science or art – athletics create an astonishing difference in how far you can take anything. It’s no surprise that every single Olympic champion who has ever lived began their career as a child playing games outside in their neighborhood; it’s also not surprising at all that children spend 5 hours less per week playing outside today than they did 30 years ago.

The outdoor games of today are vastly superior to what was played only 30 years ago. The games were so unrefined, children had to create their own rules because there wasn’t even a competitive league for anything except basketball and soccer… but the current generation doesn’t know about this ‘golden era’ of sports! So to help them out, here are the top 3 benefits of playing outside with your friends:

Better Social Skills Than Anyone At The Office

People who play team sports have better social skills than anyone at the office or any other occupation you can think of. This is because they spend more time interacting with others, learning how to give orders effectively, receiving criticism constructively, and learning how to win together as a group.

Better Sleep Than Anyone Who Doesn’t Play Outside

Sports teach you to accept your limits and respect them by getting enough sleep. Amongst a million other things, it teaches you how to prioritize what needs the most of your attention right now, whether it’s finishing homework or cleaning up your room. You can call this self-discipline if you want, but I’d rather say that outdoor games teach you how to get along with yourself more easily.

More Goals Achieved In Life Than Office Dwellers

The best measure of success in life is achieved goals. That is why sports are irreplaceable for helping young minds focus on changing the world around them into a better place. The confidence and discipline learned from sports are great qualities to have when trying to start a business of your own or even having the courage to ask someone out.

Do you remember those awkward moments in high school where you were watching classmates play sports and thought it was ‘just dumb’? Well, now you understand why: because you didn’t know the benefits yet, but now that you do – please share with as many people as possible!


A recent study found that being outdoors is good for your mental health. Outdoor sports have been shown to help people who are depressed, deal with anxiety and stress, or need a break from the day-to-day grind of life. The benefits include getting away from screens, enjoying nature’s beauty, and feeling like part of something bigger than themselves – all these things can be achieved by participating in outdoor activities. From hiking to cycling to skiing – there are so many opportunities out there! We hope you’ll consider giving it a try.