Since 1894, Labor Day has been a federal holiday celebrating the achievements of American workers. Taking a day off from work and relaxing has become a tradition for Americans, and it’s also a time to recognize hard workers. Here are some Labor Day ideas to help you enjoy your long weekend and celebrate this holiday.

Our family-friendly activities include staying at home or exploring the outdoors. Enjoy this long weekend relaxing with your family and friends! It will be easy to combine several of these ideas and have a complete day!


A cookout is a perfect way to close out the summer. Invite some friends and family over and grill all your favorites, like hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob. You can add some good music for the ambiance by clicking here>

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Head to the local pool or go for a dip in your pool at home if you have one. Swimming can be a refreshing and fun way to cool off over Labor Day weekend. Everyone in the family can enjoy swimming, even your pets! Bring your favorite pool toys and floats as well as sunscreen. Another great adventure is heading to a mountain lake with a picnic and chairs and a blanket to enjoy the water and great company.
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Labor Day parades are held in many communities for everyone to enjoy. Check if your town is hosting one and enjoy the festivities with the entire family.
If you are reasonably close to an ocean beach or a lake, it is always a great way to spend the weekend. Find beach and lake products by clicking here>

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Enjoy some backyard fun by running through the sprinklers. It’s a great way to beat the summer heat and is a classic summertime activity for children and adults alike. Include the picnic or BBQ idea and you have a complete day planned.


You can catch a baseball or softball game during Labor Day weekend at a local park or even a stadium.
Pick out your favorite movie and get comfy on the couch for a movie night with the family. Don’t forget to have popcorn, candy, pillows, and blankets at the ready. A backyard movie night can also be a lot of fun.

Take a hike along a nearby trail to spend some time outdoors. Take advantage of the long weekend to view the local wildlife and relax in serene surroundings. Click this link for binoculars>

Get outside and play some classic yard games like cornhole and ring toss. You can play these with the whole family and have hours of fun in the fresh air. You can also invite your family and friends over so you can play these games together. Find games and other outdoor gear here>


Summer wouldn’t be complete without ice cream, but have you ever made your own? An ice cream recipe can easily be found on the internet.

Having a quick getaway over a long weekend is the perfect way to spend time with family or friends! Enjoy this time with the family by planning a fun staycation. Spend the day at a local park or stay at a hotel in your hometown. You can make your staycation as easy and cost-effective as you like. Some fun things to enjoy at home>

Camping is a great Labor Day activity. There are lots of things to do at camp, such as hiking, cooking up some s’mores, and telling ghost stories.

Canoeing or kayaking on a local river or lake is a great way to spend an afternoon. Paddling around and enjoying the outdoors will pass the hours quickly. A turtle or aquatic bird may even be spotted. To help make it fun>

Get your bike and helmet and ride around town for a fun day. You can bike on a favorite path or explore new areas you haven’t visited before. It is a great way for the entire family to get some exercise and spend time together. Find electric bikes here>

Having a bonfire is a great pastime that everyone can enjoy. Spend the evening toasting marshmallows, telling scary stories around the fire, and sharing favorite summer memories. A bonfire is also a great time to invite neighbors and family members. Find fire pits and wood with these links>


Take in some sunshine and fresh air at your local park. You can visit your favorite park or discover a new one. Enjoy the environment by walking, playing at a playground, or just relaxing on a bench. Find sunscreen here>

Get your binoculars out and discover what kinds of birds you can see. It’s fun to watch birds at a nearby park or in your own backyard! Make a list of every bird you see, and note which ones you like best. Binoculars and optics here>

Why not take advantage of the long Labor Day weekend to play a few games of bowling with the entire family?
The zoo offers a great opportunity for learning about different species and viewing exotic animals. You can have a lot of fun while learning something new. Admission discounts for local residents and children may also be available.


Spend the day relaxing at a local lake or river by fishing, a beloved hobby that anyone can enjoy. Being with your loved ones is fun regardless of whether you catch anything. Fishing gear>

Make sure your yard is clean and well-maintained during this time. Everyone can participate, and you can plant flowers or improve your landscaping. Having completed a task will make you feel good, and then you can relax and enjoy everything you’ve accomplished.

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Have a shopping outing this Labor Day weekend to see what you can score at great prices. There are plenty of deals this we ekend on everything from mattresses and appliances to beauty products.

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Make sure to spend time with your family this weekend, no matter what you decide to do. During these busy times, take the opportunity to reconnect and enjoy one another’s company. There is nothing better than spending time with loved ones as summer comes to a close.

It’s a great time to reflect on your accomplishments and hard work, whether you spent the weekend at home or headed out for a staycation.