People who hike all the time know what to expect from a hike. They’ve been doing it for years and have an idea of how difficult it’s going to be. Most people who aren’t used to hiking yet? Well! They don’t know what to expect. That’s why this guide exists! I’m here to tell you all about the basics of preparing for your first hike so that when you get there, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and not get lost or exhausted!

Some Important Things To Keep In Mind When Deciding On Where I Want My First Hike

Location is important. You should go somewhere nearby because you don’t want to be too tired after the hike. Aside from that, you should decide if you’re going to hike somewhere with lots of other hikers or somewhere secluded where it’s just you and nature. Because your first time is all about how comfortable you feel, choosing your location carefully will make or break this experience for you!

Helpful Tips When Preparing

You’ll need the proper hiking supplies! They should not be expensive, especially if this is just a trial run for something bigger in the future. When shopping around for your supplies, consider quality over quantity. Is it’s uncomfortable or not worth the price tag? Then leave it on the rack. You are not out there to spend all sorts of money on stuff you don’t even know if you need. Trust me, I know it’s tempting to grab every single little thing, but buying too much will make your experience more difficult than it needs to be. So choose wisely!

What Should I Wear?

Wear appropriate clothes for the location and season. If it’s wintertime outside, you obviously can’t go hiking in shorts and a t-shirt because then you’ll die, haha. You’ll want to keep warm – but not too warm, or else you might get overheated during your hike. Also, make sure SPF is included in any clothing items out in the sun because sunburns are no fun.

What Gear Am I Going To Need?

It honestly depends on how far a hike you’re planning, what time of year it is, and your location. For example, if you plan to hike in the winter, you should probably get winter hiking boots because they’ll keep your feet warm. However, if it’s summer outside and raining hard, then water-resistant boots are more appropriate so that your feet stay dry. You’ll also need lots of things to drink! Maybe some light snacks too if you get hungry during the hike – but don’t bring anything heavy, or else it might make you tired before you even finish the trail! How do I prepare my body for this experience?

Hiking is great exercise!

There are a lot of things to consider when preparing for your first hike. You should take the time now, before you head out on your adventure, to prepare yourself and ensure to have everything you need so that it’s as enjoyable an experience as possible. As long as you’re equipped with good gear and knowledge, this is going to be a fun new challenge worth embarking upon!