I live in Adirondack Park, and we have a very long, hard winter. Unfortunately, I can’t hunt during deer season (bow) from December to the end of February due to having two small children. That means that usually, by mid-October, I am longing for deer season to start so I can get out in the woods again with my bow. My solution is to make an all-season deer blind and use it while bow hunting, rifle hunting, and trapping.

The materials for this project cost about $250, but you could easily spend more or less depending on what you already have available and how fancy you want to get with your camouflage job. You should be able to end this project in just a few weekends.

The blind is a wooden box mounted on a sled. The box is made from two half barrels and plywood for the sides. This project isn’t that complicated, so feel free to experiment with different ideas.


  • Jigsaw or band saw (if you are cutting your barrel)
  • Cordless drill with various bits (I used 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″)
  • Screw gun with a good assortment of screws (I use stainless steel 0.12 x 5″)
  • Measuring tape, pencil, square and straight edge (ruler is helpful)


  • Two 32 Gallon plastic barrels (I bought mine from a local business, but you could probably get them for free from a milk or butter company).
  • 3/8″ plywood for sides and bottom of the blind. I used construction grade, it wasn’t as pretty as some, but it worked fine. You can also use exterior plywood if you want a nicer-looking blind.
  • 1 x 2 furring strip wood. It should be about 8 feet long or so, depending on how tall your barrels are. I used this to build up the height of the backrest and create a better anchor point for my shooting rail. You can also buy premade shooting rails that attach directly to the barrel using clamps, but I like this setup since it is easy to move around.

This is primarily intended as an all-season blind. However, I have been able to use it comfortably in November with just warm clothes on by keeping the heater running inside the box at night and putting some warm clothing near the heater vent hole during the day to dry out. In cold weather, I would suggest supplementing with a portable electric heater.

Final Words

When it comes to deer hunting, there are few things more important than a good blind. It is the place where you wait for your prey and can be used all year round. The best thing about an all-season deer blind is that they have options for every type of weather condition, so no matter what time of year or when in the day you hunt, chances are there’s one out there that will suit you perfectly.