One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is creating an environment where people feel welcome. People with disabilities are often overlooked when catering to their needs, but there are many ways for you to make them feel special! This blog post will give you some great tips on getting started.

Make Sure That All Of Your Signage And Labels Are Easy For Them To Read

One of the best ways to cater to your disabled customers is by making sure that all of your signage and labels are easy for them to read. You should also consider where you place these signs, as some people will have trouble reading from a distance due to sight impairments or other factors. If they can’t get close enough, it won’t matter how big your sign is! Use bright colors to stand out against their surroundings and avoid any glare on the letters or words. Another thing you want to watch out for with signs is using too much text; try not to go over three lines in total length when possible since lots of information at once might make things difficult for someone with reading comprehension. For instance, try using a sign with just the store hours and nothing else.

Give Them Sufficient Space In Your Parking Area

Another way to cater to your disabled customers is by giving them plenty of space in your parking lot. If there are no reserved spots for people who need extra room, consider creating one or more specifically marked “van accessible only” spaces; this will make it easier for those with large vehicles like buses and vans made for wheelchair users to reach their destination without difficulty. You should also be aware that you can’t legally charge disabled drivers any fees when they use these designated locations! There should always be enough lines painted on the ground so that someone trying to park within these spaces won’t have trouble maneuvering around other cars if necessary (for instance, sometimes they’ll pull out a little bit to make room for someone else).

Provide The Facility Of Restrooms

You can also accommodate disabled customers by allowing them to use the restrooms even if they don’t have an official “disabled” placard. For instance, many people who drive large trucks or vans might not want their children to use those bathrooms because it’s easy for them to slip and fall in such small spaces; this is yet another reason you should always give everyone access! However, be sure that each person who tries to enter one of your stores’ facilities has some proof (like a doctor’s note) so that you know they need special accommodations like wheelchair ramps instead of simply being lazy about going inside! This way, no one will take advantage, and we’ll all continue enjoying a positive experience at your business.


Leave your customer with a positive experience. When you offer accommodations for disabled customers, know that they will appreciate it and be more likely to come back in the future (and even refer their friends). The best way to cater to disabled customers is by offering them an easy-to-navigate website where all the content can be viewed on different devices, including laptops and tablets. You may also want to make clear instructions about how guests’ wheelchairs should get around your store or restaurant, so they don’t get stuck going through narrow doorways or tight spaces.