Knowing the best times to fish is important since weather, tide, and other conditions can affect fish behavior. Nowadays, fishermen have access to many different resources to help pinpoint the best fishing days and the best time of day for freshwater and best saltwater fishing times locally,


To find out when the fish are biting, you can get an accurate analysis of water conditions with fish finders and water temperature gauges. Hot days can make fish in shallow waters sluggish. As well, winter temperatures do the same thing This is because all fish are cold-blooded, so the temperature of their surroundings influence the fish’s body temperature and bodily functions. Very high water temperatures reduce the amount of oxygen in the water causing fish to be less active and pickier about when or what they eat. So, when it comes to finding the optimum fishing times, a good starting point is to avoid extreme temperatures. 


Bright sunlight is also a big factor in choosing the time of day you go fishing. Fish usually prefer early morning and evening when the sun is low instead of midday rays which cause the surface temperature of the water to be hotter and forces the fish to go deeper. So a boat is needed to fish the deeper water. There are daily fishing forecasts available online such as the fishing calendar at Farmer’s Almanac that can help you discover the best days and times of day to fish. Fishing at night in some states is legal and in others it is not allowed for certain fish. But a full moon over night will allow fish to feed during the night and they don’t bite as well during the day.


Weather conditions play a big role in determining the best times to fish. The wind will push water and surface food to the shore. Storms will increase feeding in the hours right before a cold front but slow during and after a storm hits. Except with a warm front which raises surface water temperatures putting fish into a feeding frenzy. 

Cloudy days are another great opportunity to fish since overcast skies cause fish to look for food more than on sunny days. Light rain is also one of the best times because it washes insects into the water which the fish love to eat!


Finally, ask your neighborhood fisherman. Regulars in the area can often supply a wealth of knowledge. Not only will most people tell you about their best times, but you’ll almost always discover at least one local who knows where to get the information you need, split down by season and specific types of fish. So go to your local bait shop or wherever you acquire your fishing supplies and strike up a casual chat with someone.

So the bottom line is to ask the guy or gal at the local tackle shop and just get out and DO IT. With that advice and experimentation you could be successful.