Camping is something that you can enjoy and not come in contact with too many other people. These last two years have been a life-changing event for just about everyone in the world. In the United States, people have become protective and defensive of their personal space. If you choose to walk into a public area many people will question you or let you know that you should be wearing a mask. One great way to get out of the house and not come in contact with too many people is to go camping.

For the fearless, a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the night sky is hiking with a backpack and a sleeping bag and sleeping under the stars. It is an awesome experience to lay out under the stars picking out the constellations that you may know, watch falling stars, or watch satellites pass overhead. The next great way to enjoy the outdoors is to bring along a tent. It is one way to help some people feel a little bit safer. These tents can range from a 30-second pop-up for one or two people or an extra-large tent for a large family.

That choice would certainly depend on the size of your camping group. Along with tent camping, there are many ways to improve your campsite with additional items. These items can include a portable pop-up awning, a few extra tarps to create a wall to block any extra wind, a camp stove, and a fold-out table to put the stove on while you are cooking.

This brings us to the next item that you’re going to consider when going camping. If you’re bringing your camp stove then you must consider which cooking pots and pans or utensils you will be using.

The best open fire pots and pans are always made of cast iron. They withstand open flame and if you do choose not to use the camp stove you can always build up a spot on the campfire to put in a cast-iron pot or frying pan. Some bacon and eggs for breakfast, burgers for lunch, and fried chicken for dinner. The cleanup is easy if you use cast iron. Another way to choose to camp would be to bring an RV.  Most RV campers would not choose to drive up a dirt road and camp on public land.

You would need a winch, shovel, or all kinds of tools to get yourself out of a bad situation. It might even take scratching or damaging your RV to get into a public place out of the public. you would need many special tools to do such a thing and most people would not consider taking a chance on scratching their RV. These RVs could consist of bumper tows, truck campers, fifth wheels, or even motorhomes.

Those in RVs might consider making reservations in campgrounds which brings the next topic of generators and finding a campground.